Let’s try this blog thing again!

Hello! (Again!)
Trying my hand at this regular blogging life once more in hopes that keeping everything all in one place will keep me focused and happy. I had too many blogs going on at once for so many things; it seems like the right thing to do is condense it all into one large blog and just tag it all in ways that make it easier for people to follow along. I’ll probably still mess around with my main tumblr from time to time, but I won’t be using that fitblr I made earlier in the year like I thought I was going to.
In other related news, I’ll be scrapping the PB&tB shop idea for quite some time. This past year has been a lot of change and I’m still adjusting to certain things and would rather open that when I’m comfortable and stable in many ways. I’d love to still be able to do that in the future, but it’s definitely going to be pushed to the side for now.

The core idea of this blog is still the same. I want to be able to learn and grow and promote wellness for others. So on top of the craft, food, and clothing adventures, I’ll be adding my fitness progress, regular blog posts (updates on my life and progress with therapy, etc.), and honestly whatever seems like a good idea to blog about. One of these days I’d like to obtain some sort of decent camera so I can post a lot of nice photos but for now I guess I’ll just have to deal with what my phone is capable of.

My account at bloglovin’ still exists for those that use that site. Links to my posts will be tweeted on this blog’s twitter account as well. I know blogger isn’t as popular as it used to be so I figured I’d make it as accessible as possible.

Thanks for paying attention to my goofy attempt at using this again! I’ll be spending the rest of December finishing up the layout of this blog and adding more things so it’s not as empty as it is currently. I want to use this as regularly as possible as the new year starts, so please hold me to that~