Blogs are hard. How do you do it?

I had plans of posting a Twin Peaks related post last month but, given my current circumstances, the idea of trucking down that road of triggers and distress was too much for me. So here we are in March and I’m still not ready to work on that post. Whoopsie. It’s on the list of things to talk about in the future at least!

So! This post is to basically pop back in and let you all know that I haven’t forgotten about this little side project of mine. I can’t say I haven’t been busy, though!

The biggest thing I’ve probably worked on since my last post was starting to downsize my belongings! I managed to cut down on well over half of the fabric I had collected and have plenty of bags of old clothes that I’d like to donate somewhere. Apparently shelters in my town no longer exist, so I have to branch out to other towns and cities to see what I can work with. I’ve got a bit more cleaning I can do to condense what I own even more and I think it’s gonna feel pretty awesome when I’m done.

From mess to kinda ok! Hurray!

Seeing as I was in Massachusetts until the middle of February thanks to ridiculous weather, I didn’t really work on crafts that month. Maybe I’ll get more made this month to make up for it! So far I’ve made these silly mugs as part of a birthday gift.

In this episode of I’m kinda dorky… the other side of the left mug has Massachusetts.

Doodling with sharpies is a lot harder than I remember! Baked them to really set the ink and I’m hoping that they can last simple hand washing for quite some time. Somehow the baking process makes some stains really noticeable which is confusing since I scrubbed these things clean and even used alcohol wipes to really seal the deal. Gonna have to keep that in mind for future mugs.
Other crafts I’d like to work on would be lightweight scarves since spring is finally happening and actually start and finish the scarves I’ve wanted to make for Sarah and Lina. I’ve got textured journals to work on as well, so I definitely have plenty of things to switch between if I hit motivation blocks.

I’ve had some appointments with my doctor and my therapist since I got back and I think I’m still on the right path. I’m seeing a psychiatrist soon to work on medication things since my usual doctor and I have been running into some road blocks with everything we’ve tried so far. Hopefully that works in my favor- a boost to get me through these remaining weeks of wintry nonsense would be wonderful.
I gotta say, the last three and a half weeks have been some of the most emotionally trying days in recent years. The lows have been incredibly low and very rarely do I get to experience even a mild sort of high. Yesterday was the day to break the trend of constantly feeling not myself and just being overwhelmed with crippling sadness. I can’t remember the last time I struggled like this for so long. Knowing it won’t last has been pretty helpful. Even when I can tell myself that I’ll make it out of this, the actual proof that it can’t stick around forever is almost necessary sometimes.

Other than that, I’ve been up to some pretty tame stuff. I’ve made a handful of new playlists over at 8tracks if anyone is interested in what I’ve been listening to lately. I made a really awesome cheesy vegetable chowder last week and forgot to save any photos of it. It’s probably easier for you to find me on snapchat if you want updates on my cooking adventures in real time. I watched all of Bojack Horseman and Futurama yet again. I dyed my hair red for the millionth time. I picked Animal Crossing: New Leaf back up. I’ve put more time into School Idol Festival than I’d like to admit. I started working out again. I helped out with my best friend’s first baby shower.
I guess that last one isn’t so tame. So much has been happening lately and it’s definitely hard to keep up sometimes! But at least things seem to be significantly more positive overall even if it seems otherwise some days.

I’m gonna be ok. I hope all of you will be as well.