Oh, hey. Almost didn’t see ya there.

Hello! It’s me, Kalu. Back with another one of those, “I’m totally gonna get this going soon” posts. I mainly just wanted to touch base since not everyone follows my [various] [twitter] [accounts] to get the Hot News™.

So!! Here we are. It’s almost May of 2016 and I feel like I’m settling in pretty well here in the Boston area. I have health insurance, a new doctor, a dentist, physical therapy, and psychiatrist! I met with a therapist and I feel like that went very poorly (I swear, therapists shouldn’t cause a horrible episode of “am I just a fake oh no oh god oh why did I even try this” ever but somehow they keep getting jobs.) and she actually left the clinic not even a week after our session. I’m waiting for a replacement and am hoping that I’ll have a good session with whoever that may be. The main thing is that I’m on a good path for health in general and I hope that continues.

I’ve got posts in the works! Like, posts with images and neat experiences and new stuff! Not just mental health blabber! I’m doin’ it! I’m working on getting a big photo dump from my Love Live! official tournament day. I should maybe get acquainted with photo editing to add a watermark or something. David’s been helping me with it but we’re both pretty busy lately. That’s the mainly thing holding me back with stuff. Appointment after appointment… sheesh. But I’m definitely trying to take this more seriously! If anyone has any neat tutorials for simple editing, please send them my way! I’m also open to suggestions for software. I currently have GIMP but I feel so lost with it, haha.

I also wanna make posts for the DDR and IIDX plushes I’ve made for David. Someday I’ll open up a shop maybe for these things. Seems like it’d be really fun. I’m just hoping that I have all the photos I took still. Moving + new phone + general errors with dropbox sometimes means I could be without a few here or there. That’s my fault for not posting sooner, hyuck hyuck.

I’m reworking my theme here some and I’m hoping I can make it look nicer~ I’m working with a good friend to get some Brand Images™ made! I’m so thankful to have such talented friends in my life. I added Jarad’s music to a player at the bottom! Check that stuff out if you haven’t already. I know I talk a ton of smack about him (siblings are terrible I don’t recommend them) but it’s really good. He’s really great. I’m also working on a sort of “featured” page. You can check that out from the navbar. I wanna be able to promote the work of people I care about! If y’all have a blog that isn’t on blogspot/blogger (cos I can totally just feature you on the sidebar if you have one here) or a service or make music and want me to throw you on that page, hit me up!

Other big news… hm… Well, Midwest friends, we’ll be at ACen! It’ll be my first time in the area since I moved so I’m both nervous and really excited to see everyone again. I hope we can all meet up and have a good time~ Can’t wait to cry on a plane for the first time. That’s gonna be so aweso… suckish. I’m probably gonna have a bad time that first ride but I hope I adjust quickly.

That’s probably it for now. I thought even a quick wrap-up post would be better than more silence~ Hope you all are having a good start to spring! Tell me something neat in the comments or tweet me or email me I don’t care. I just wanna be able to talk to people more often. 💕