Fighto Dayo! Love Live at Anime Boston 2016

Hey everyone! Hope you’re ready for a lighter post compared to all the other ones, haha. Today’s the day I finally get my photos of my LL!SIF@AB experience posted~ Hope you all enjoy. 😊

This was my first time to Anime Boston as well as the first time I’ve ever entered a rhythm game competition of any kind! I was shaking like a leaf before, during, and after my set… what a mess, haha. The event was one of those “you have to have an account to enter” set ups. So many people signed up that they had to randomly select players! Surprisingly David and I were picked. There were five rounds–each made up of 20 players and we played 4 at a time. We picked round two so we’d be able to make it to the DDR tournament that afternoon. The winner of each round won a special hoodie for the event and the top winner out of those five won a trip to Japan! That means… out of the 100 participants, we only really saw 5 winners. Talk about pressure.

top source: @kariohki | bottom source: @stellarstrike

Here we are in action! The stage was slightly elevated with a huge table to play on. Everyone had to use an iPhone with full sized text and character effects. I play with minimal effects so that was really hard to adjust to on top of being an Android user. We were able to hold the phones or use the table as a base to play. As you can see, David ended up in a power stance to really nail those notes. Too bad for us, we ended up with a ton of dropped notes and didn’t do nearly as well on the songs as we would have liked. We had to play Takaramonos, Paradise Live (I can’t FC that to save my life.), and Angelic Angel all on expert. The latter was new to the English game at the time.

Here are the results from our round! I ended up in 5th place which was surprising since I felt like I did really really poorly. Maybe my tiny hands helped with preventing some of those dropped notes. Not a very good experience with a recent iPhone, haha. Taking my music games a little too seriously, huh.

All around the playing area you could find a bunch of cutouts of all the girls! They were about as tall as I am so it was pretty cool. At any given point you could find someone taking selfies with their favourites and, in some cases, telling others that “their waifu is trash.” Needless to say, it was an experience.

Managed to snag photos of the entire squad in their cyber outfits! The bridal set was awfully popular so I didn’t get too many photos of them. The few I do have that I haven’t posted are pretty blurry or there are people in the way, haha.

Across from the competition booth was a huge collection of LL! merch! You could find all sorts of key chains, CDs, shirts, posters, pins, you name it. On both sides of this booth were monitors that played the music videos so you could listen to the music as you browsed. Is it just me or do a lot of the music videos have that super creepy almost 3D effect that you kinda expect from those fandom youtube videos of their favourite characters dancing to meme tracks? So unsettling…

So many other dealers booths at this con had LL! merch as well. I ended up renaming Anime Boston to Love Live! Boston due to how easy it was to spot the girls everywhere you looked.

Check out some of our adorable loot! Kotori is my favourite while Maki is David’s so of course we nabbed those up as fast as we could. Hanayo is our pride and joy Rice Goddess so we needed to add her to the collection as well. We also walked away with a large figure of each of the girls. I was even surprised with another Hanayo figure by a friend of mine that “just had” to support my love of rice time. To date, we have about twenty different LL!SIF items varying from figures to plushes to dakis. You should be able to find photos of them on my instagram.

That’s about it for my posts! Thanks for checking it out and I hope it was fun. I definitely had a great time there and this was a really fun post to make. Feels good to have some nice light-hearted content to kinda keep this place from getting too hefty.

As an added bonus, check out these photos that David took! He’s kinda the best so be sure to check out [his] [stuff] as well.