Crossing Animals! Early August Adventures in Stardrop ✨

Hello and welcome to my first Animal Crossing post here at PB&tB! I dunno how much I can really say about it to be honest but I thought a cute photo dump would be enjoyable. Depending on how I feel after doing this one I might branch out and just talk about whatever other games I’m playing at the time~ I hope you all enjoy this as much as I’m sure I will. 💖 Please be sure to let me know how you feel about it!

✖️ AUGUST 1ST –  5TH ✖️

Welcome to Stardrop! This is where I, Kalu, go wild with power and control everything I possibly can. I tend to use an editor to make things exactly how I like them, so don’t be surprised if things look out of place or anything!

I completely forgot to take photos of the inside of my cute little castle, but it’s really barren and ugly so I guess it’s not a big deal. I do have uploaded QR codes for the dress I’m wearing, though! That was really fun to make and I hope I can make more in the future.

Here’s my favourite part of my town so far!!! The main theme for Stardrop is witchcrafty stuff so I created a really cute fairy ring to hang out in. Eventually I’m going to surround it with more trees and have some dead ones just to add to the atmosphere. It’s the prime place to blow dandelion seeds around and enjoy the stars~

I’m very good at getting multiple badges in one night apparently. These are all the first ones in their categories so I’ve got a long, long way to go. Is it just me or is Phineas trying to be like a Santa figure with all that “If you’re good, the badge man will bring you more badges!” crap… Listen, scout master, just be real with me. Tell me I’m awesome and the best instead of patronizing me. Gosh.

It’s impossible to avoid mosquito bites. All I wanna do is fish and have a good time and these gross, rude bugs gotta get all in my face and ruin my time. I mean, at least I don’t pass out and wind up in front of my house like with some bugs… I totally screwed up catching a tarantula because I got too scared so it ran into the river like a doink. Can’t believe it. Part of me wants one in my house for the witchy room but… yuck.

Brewster and I are pals! We hang out and work together a lot and it’s a nice, fun time. I can’t wait until I get the special gyroids from here so I have have little Brewster buddies hanging out at Club LOL to make things more entertaining.

Speaking of pals… Stitches totally got my hopes up and then crushed them entirely the other day. There I was hoping he wanted to be friends and tell me a secret but instead he just wanted my fruit pickin’ hands. This will haunt me for months.

Katrina is always fun to visit. She says my absolute favourite line in the game. I remember being younger and just getting so mad at her cos it felt so obvious and outrageous to need to say. Now that I’m older, it’s always nice to remember that they’re just bad times and they eventually pass. Somedays I’m just gonna run around and fall flat on my face and maybe lose a balloon or two but that’s just one day.

✖️ AUGUST 6TH –  9TH ✖️

Guess who finally got to use an editor again!!! Hurray~

I was able to update my town with new trees, bushes, and flowers! I switched from the night owl ordinance to the beautiful town ordinance to be sure the flowers I can’t reach won’t wilt and die off on accident. I hope that doesn’t make playing before bed difficult, though.
The first fireworks show of the year was on Sunday so it felt like a nice celebration and a way to show off my work~

All of that hard work earned a new badge from Santa Scout. About time I was acknowledged for making this place beautiful. A mayor’s work is never done…

First rainbow sighting since I started playing again and the very first time I’ve ran into a double rainbow! I’ve had this game for years now and can’t believe I didn’t see one sooner. I love how much colour my town can have sometimes. It feels so lively and welcoming. Can’t wait to get my own garden going (next year hopefully!) so I have even half the amount of colour here.

Check out my first completed room! This is the top floor of my mayor’s castle. I found some beautiful artwork the other night and wanted to both recreate it and add some other things to it. I’m pretty happy with it. The holiday candle adds such a cozy warm lighting to the room that I don’t really need to use the other lamps for a light source. The only thing this room really needs is some colour alterations to a few furniture items to make it blend a bit more. I love this room.

The extra large town tree is so nice to have. I can’t believe it takes a total of 500 days to pass from your first day as mayor as well as over 500 hours of play time to make it this big! Sure, sure, good things come to those who wait but I really wanted a pretty town.

Anyway… I figured I’d wrap this up with my dream address number so anyone can check out town progress as I save it from time to time. I hope you all enjoyed this little post! I had a lot of fun with this and it was nice to focus on such a calming activity for the last few days. See you in the next update!