We’re back!

I’ve been knitting and reading since finishing the double dao plush! Nice and relaxing.

Hey everyone! Long time no see! Maybe? All I know is that we’re finally live again and I’m really excited about that. Thanks for being patient with me as I moved from Blogger to WordPress! This has been a mess and a half to finish; the formatting on the Blogger posts was so, so, so bad. I ended up having to remove it all and start from scratch as I was uploading my photos to the new host! Ugh. So much work.

The transfer was actually fun, though! It was a great learning experience and got me back into the swing of HTML and CSS work. I used to be absolutely obsessed with learning both back in my Neopets and Xanga days… These plugins are fun! WordPress is fun! There is so much more to tweak and play with here. I feel a little silly for not picking this first, but I was lazy. Thanks, Google.

I wanna thank Brooke for helping me design things yet again. She’s so great to work with! I definitely recommend checking her out for any future design or editing jobs! See, I can say nice things about you when we’re not voice chatting. 😈

How are you all? Hopefully you’ve been well. Tell me what you’ve been up to! Things have been, well, things here. I’ll get into that stuff later, though. Right now, I just wanna feel relieved that this is over! I’m still busy as always. Finishing one project leads me to a new one and then another one and so on… It’s good that I like doing this.

I know I’ve been absolutely terrible with keeping up on my Twitter and Facebook presence. I’m trying to change that! At least when it comes to Twitter. I’m way better at that, I’d say. Which is better for you to keep up with my posts? Please let me know! I’m not very fond of Facebook, but if it’s the best way to get it to you… I can do it.

To keep this short and sweet, I’ll just photo dump some of the things I’ve been up to! ♥