Happy new year! and my birthday! and hello!

Hey there~ I hope all of you have enjoyed these last few weeks! I know I’m absolutely exhausted from mine. I’ve gone from family Christmas dinner, “Christmas” at our house (we just ordered Chinese food and watched cartoons), my roommate’s birthday, a new years eve party, to my birthday in order to end up here. This is the time I can actually sit down and relax, so I hope to recover from all of these things soon. I feel absolutely stretched thin; I’m both mentally and physically drained. It’s great. 😜

2017 is actually over. That’s weird. It feels like it flew by, though some parts felt like they lasted a little too long. Looking back, I can’t even sit back and tell you everything I did over the year. It’s all such a blur; I even forgot that the kors k concert was over the summer! I knew it happened, but I couldn’t remember when until I sat down and went through all the photos on my phone…

Some highlights:

  • I started therapy and stuck with it. I feel like I’ve made some good starter progress, but I know I have a very long way to go. I’m also at a pretty good medication level, but I know that’s gonna change in the future. So many little things can be tweaked.
  • I started getting PFCs in DDR.
  • I took IIDX “seriously” for a month and didn’t keep up with it so now I’m crap at it again.
  • Had a nice aquarium date with David.
  • I made two (2) double dao plushes.
  • Uhhhhh.
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • Found out I basically have eczema in my ears??? I haven’t had proper hearing in a YEAR because of it. My doctor thinks it’s from a medication I’m on. We have no idea what one, though.
  • Visited friends and my mom back in Indiana. Almost all of that trip sucked outside of my friends and getting my vinyl collection back home.
  • Added a hamster to our family that sadly died after a few months. 😭 I miss you, Spriggan (rejected by DJ Yoshitaka -try to sing ver.-).
  • Uhhhhh.
  • Solidified some pretty cool friendships.
  • Celebrated our three year anniversary!
  • We saw Ninja Sex Party!
  • Plenty of other things that you can see over here!

It’s 2018 now! You wouldn’t know that in our house, though. We’ve been too lazy to take down holiday decorations. 🎄 I turned 28 on the 4th. I call it 27+1 due to the fact that even numbers give me the heebies. We spent my birthday snowed in thanks to that east coast blizzard. 😤 We had to postpone celebrations to Saturday! My only goal was to go to Foxwoods Casino to eat at a Guy Fieri restaurant. I played penny slots after to tell myself we didn’t drive an hour and a half just for dinner. I doubled my money! I only let myself use $20, so I came home with $40. Any win is a good win~

This year, I have a small list of resolutions. Most feel “trivial” to me just to be more reasonable; cut to the scene in the Crow when Eric says that nothing is trivial. 😋 I want to be able to better myself and learn to respect my current boundaries and plateaus. It’s a very hard thing to do and remain healthy about it. I have a habit of pushing too hard and getting upset when I don’t perform the way I want to. Recently, I got upset and panicky because I did horribly (in my eyes, at my level… which is normal 5s consistently) in IIDX even though I’ve barely played over the last few months. I still don’t know how or when to step away.

Ideas for this year:

  • Start a nice little garden in our yard, including small plants for inside the house.
  • Read more! I have a huge stash of books that I want to chip away at. I keep buying more and not doing anything about them. 😓
  • See a rheumatologist and do a sleep study to better understand my body’s condition.
  • Finally sit down and learn how to needle knit and crochet. I have all the tools at the ready but I never made any efforts to use them.
  • Little self improvement things like drinking more tea, do more yoga/stretching, and go to the gym a bit more regularly. 💪 We’ve been skipping the gym in favor of DDR due to KAC qualifiers.
  • Learn to cook new things! I’ve been pushing my boundaries a little bit with this, but we have a usual rotation of food that I’d like to make a bit more diverse.
  • Burn through my backlog of games and anime. Both are far too long so I need to catch up!

I have rhythm game goals too!

  • Be able to play some of the lower level hypers in IIDX.
  • Play, and pass, at least one 16 in DDR.
  • AAA a 14, get more PFCs, and try for more AAs on 15s.
  • Expand my Bemani pillow collection. I have jubeat and little pop-kuns on my list! I’ve thought about SDVX, but that’s definitely on the back burner. It’d be super cool to make a big pillow that’s 1:1 size with a DDR stage…

Writing these down almost makes me feel intimated! 😱 I like to write about this stuff, though. It adds a sense of accountability. Hold me to as much as you can, everyone! Sharing my ideas with others is such a good way to keep focused and hopefully achieve even more. I think it’s a really nice thing to do, and I’d really like to see that happen more often! I just gotta remind myself that it’s not a competition. I’m my own rival in this.
I hope you can share your goals for this year with me! Who knows, it could be fun~🍀

I hope you enjoy your new year!!! It’s almost time to welcome in the year of the dog. 🐶 Do your best~ I’ll be trying too.