Well uh. Hey there. I definitely did not mean to not post for an ENTIRE YEAR but here we are I guess. 2018 sure was weird. I don’t know if I’m really gonna do a recap like I did last year. It’s amazing that I’m actually trying to post right now to be honest with you all. I need to put more work into this thing but I’ve just felt so unmotivated and all around sad that it’s so hard to do things that I like doing. I’ve had plenty of other things that I’ve needed to focus on. Or at least try to focus on. I dunno. I’m trying.

Let’s see… I wonder what resolutions from last year I actually accomplished! That’s a good thing to talk about.

  • Start a nice little garden in our yard, including small plants for inside the house.

So this one didn’t really happen at all, haha. I didn’t take the time to really rip up the existing plants on the left side and the wildflowers I planted on the left never actually sprouted! We did have some plants in the house for a few months but because the lighting in here is so poor, they didn’t really have a good chance. I’m gonna look into plants that don’t need much sunlight and try to get a lot of those! We have more natural light upstairs so I can probably put some on the banister area to make that area nicer as well.

  • Read more! I have a huge stash of books that I want to chip away at. I keep buying more and not doing anything about them. 😓

This one sorta happened. I started a handful of books but didn’t finish them, but I do have three whole books listed on my goodreads account as read! I ended up buying way more books than sat down to read. Oops. Gonna have to work on that this year.

  • See a rheumatologist and do a sleep study to better understand my body’s condition.

I did, in fact, see a rheumatologist last year! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia of all things. Basically the “well you have something but we don’t really know what it is, sorry bro” of diagnoses. I was given gabapentin for the nerve pain in my back and it did absolutely nothing for me other than make me gain 20 pounds in 3 months. 😱 I asked to be taken off of that and given something different. I’ll be trying Lyrica very soon! I had to taper off the gabapentin first and I think I’m well in the clear for that now. I’ve read that it can cause the same thing, though, so I’m a little nervous! I don’t have many other options for this otherwise. I’m also going to start physical therapy for my general body weakness and pain and see if that helps. I’m hypermobile and that can be contributing to a lot of the pain I experience. The sleep study hasn’t happened. I’m not sure if I need it at the moment but I’ll be keeping it in mind. For all I know my massive anxiety could be the cause of me waking up nonstop through the night. I’m going to work with my doctor to find something to keep me asleep and go from there.

  • Finally sit down and learn how to needle knit and crochet. I have all the tools at the ready but I never made any efforts to use them.

I actually learned a little needle knitting though it was really frustrating for me at first. I couldn’t figure it out right away and it caused a LOT of unnecessary stress for me. Crocheting has continued to be on the back burner so it’s time to pick up the slack this year. There are so many amigurumi plush buddies that I’d like to make!

  • Little self improvement things like drinking more tea, do more yoga/stretching, and go to the gym a bit more regularly. 💪 We’ve been skipping the gym in favor of DDR due to KAC qualifiers.

Ok, so the tea thing worked out pretty well. I’m still bad at regularly stretching and we cancelled our gym memberships to save money. 😂 I do have the option to do at home body workouts which is what I plan on shoving into some sort of routine very soon. Add in the physical therapy stuff and I’ll maybe get somewhere.

  • Learn to cook new things! I’ve been pushing my boundaries a little bit with this, but we have a usual rotation of food that I’d like to make a bit more diverse.

David and I have definitely been making new things! We now have a cast iron skillet and dutch oven so they get used plenty.  🍳 I hope to expand that more this year, too.

  • Burn through my backlog of games and anime. Both are far too long so I need to catch up!

This is the best joke I’ve ever made.

My rhythm game goals had a little more success, I’d say. I actually nailed every single one! 🤩

  • Be able to play some of the lower level hypers in IIDX.
  • Play, and pass, at least one 16 in DDR.
  • AAA a 14, get more PFCs, and try for more AAs on 15s.
  • Expand my Bemani pillow collection. I have jubeat and little pop-kuns on my list! I’ve thought about SDVX, but that’s definitely on the back burner. It’d be super cool to make a big pillow that’s 1:1 size with a DDR stage…

Can’t say I played a lot of IIDX last year. I didn’t have a huge drive for it with all the DDR I’ve been playing. No reasonable way for me to grind out two games at once like this. The grind did pay off, at least. I think I did get some new hypers, though. 

  • DID pass TWO 16s, though! Engraved Mark ESP and Emera ESP
  • My one and only 14 AAA was on Revolution ESP. I don’t really know how when I’m so close on so many other charts that are… fun…
  • I don’t know how many PFCs I had prior to last year, honestly, but I’m sitting at 30+ these days which is really cool. My favorite, and I guess “best” one, is Pa pi pu Yeah! ESP.
  • Again, don’t really know how many 15s I had AA’d, but I have 13 now! Even managed to full combo roppongi EVOLVED ver.B! I still don’t feel like I deserved that one. Looks like extremely tired sliding around bracketing really pulls through.
  • I did make a new pillow as well. The only one I managed to push out was the DDR stage one, but it was only one side. Guess I gotta do the full thing this year…

For things I wanted to do, I was at least mostly good at it. That’s pretty nice! Looking back at some of this stuff and knowing now how the year went it feels like I made super easy goals but at the time they were definitely a big deal. I bet it’ll feel just the same next year, really. 😅 I’m really really good at underestimating myself apparently!

I’m not really sure what I’d like to accomplish this year. I have so many things that I’d like to do which makes it hard to really pick something(s) to focus on. I can definitely branch from last year’s goals at the very least.

  • Seriously start that damnit garden.
  • Get indoor plants that won’t die on you!
  • Read at least 30 books.
  • Learn more ways to needle knit and crochet at least 1 thing before the year ends.
  • Continue the tea, yoga, stretching, and at home workout goal.
  • Actually beat a few games that I already own. Let’s start with 5 as the goal seeing as I’m an rpg player…
  • Post here more!!! I still can’t believe I didn’t put out any content here specifically all year. It surprised the hell out of me.
  • Try to crank out more of those Bemani pillows and try to make other things as well.
  • Learn to respect my body’s boundaries and accept that chronic pain is gonna continue being a thing. Ease into more difficult things instead of getting pissed off or demotivated immediately.
  • Send out care packages to some friends just because I can! 
  • Adopt a puppy! We’ve been talking about doing this for awhile now and I hope we’re able to. I had thinking about the mortality of my dog, but Mako is getting old and I’ve never been without a dog in my life and I’m not about to start. Ol’ girl is still quite healthy and we don’t have any real concerns so I’m happy about that.

How about some DDR goals???

  • PFC every Tokimeki Idol ESP while cursing Konami under my breath at every second for pulling the plug on the project.
  • Pass a 17. I don’t have one in mind yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!
  • Hit Gold I in LIFE4 ranking. That’s as reasonable as I can get with a goal for this one. 🤣
  • General lamp collection up to 12s or maybe 13s. I’m sure I can play them all. 
  • AAA more 14s and maybe get one 15 if possible.
  • Put more effort into crossovers. Sometimes I can tell that I’m supposed to but it’s usually too late and I’m double stepping my life to shit. Or I try to do them and face the wrong way. Or I can’t really do them when the up arrow is involved. 💀 I really, really don’t know how to do them and it shows during upper level play and songs above 170bpm probably. Yikes. I also have a problem remembering they’re coming up even though I should know by now after playing the chart several times. My brain just dumps that information as soon as possible.
  • Maybe go to Storm…………………… ????????

That sounds good for now! It gives me a little something to look forward to and feel good about. With how all over the place my mental state can be, any little bit helps. Oof. I want to make this year a good one. Granted, I want to make every year a good one. I hope that this year has less garbage compared to last year is probably a better way to put it.

How about you? What do you wanna do this year? Let me know! Let’s have a good 2019 together. 💪