Pretty Boy & the Bear was a concept born from my late teens. My group of friends at the time started throwing the name around as a future podcast idea, but it never happened. So, I decided it was time to put that idea to use with a blog! Back in 2014, I had plans to make this a craft dedicated blog to go along with a shop I intended to open. That plan was scrapped due to health issues. Look at me now!

Where do I start? We all know my name’s Kalu by now, haha. I moved to a town south of Boston late 2015 from northwest Indiana. The move was a wonderful decision and I don’t regret it whatsoever. I’m living with my partner, David, and our pets! We have Mako, a pug & Boston terrier mix, and Nanaki, a cat with a rocket ship for a nose.

One of the biggest parts of me is crafting. I’ve always loved to make things since I was little and I’m glad I’ve kept up with that. So far I’ve taught myself how to sew, loom knit, do one whole line of crochet, embroider, very basic macrame, and I’m fond of upcycling/DIY whenever possible. I’m always trying to learn new things and branch off from what I’ve already learned so I can be better at what I do. The act of learning in general is something that makes me very happy, so I’m glad I can do so much with my hands.

I’m an avid rhythm game player. Bemani games have helped me meet many people and see new places as we explore arcades and tournaments. I’m sure I wouldn’t have this current life if I never picked up playing DDR! PUNPUN and KUWABARA are my two main handles for anyone that might see me around the New England arcade scene. 🤗

Reading is one of my favorite things to do! I always feel like I don’t have the time for it, but I’ll have to learn ways to make that time for myself. I default to a lot of fantasy and sci-fi but I do love reading auto-biographies as well. Studying witchcraft is also a thing that is important to me. I always want books to sift through and learn from. Being a secular witch is actually really cool and is teaching me a lot of self-reliance.

Maybe I’m a jack of all trades. I dabble in a little bit of everything that catches my eye, though I can’t say I’m a master when it comes to any of them. Astronomy, gardening, cooking, baking, and coding are all getting my attention lately. I think it’d be really cool to learn how to make a game and would like to try it out!

Another thing that I’m dedicated to is mental health. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar I and PTSD. Finally having names for what I’ve been going through since I was a child was eye-opening. These experiences have shaped me into who I am today and I’m hoping to use what I’ve learned to help others. I like to talk about my lived experiences from time to time to allow others to see what it’s like for me. It’s really interesting and very important to talk about and destigmatize. I hold it very dear to my heart.

My favorite things include: Yu Yu Hakusho, X Japan, Final Fantasy VII, the color red, and cheesecake. I like seeing color in the world. I like being inspired. There’s so much to do and I hope I can do as much as I can.

Welcome to PB&tB! I hope you enjoy the stay. ♥