We’re back!

I’ve been knitting and reading since finishing the double dao plush! Nice and relaxing.

Hey everyone! Long time no see! Maybe? All I know is that we’re finally live again and I’m really excited about that. Thanks for being patient with me as I moved from Blogger to WordPress! This has been a mess and a half to finish; the formatting on the Blogger posts was so, so, so bad. I ended up having to remove it all and start from scratch as I was uploading my photos to the new host! Ugh. So much work.

The transfer was actually fun, though! It was a great learning experience and got me back into the swing of HTML and CSS work. I used to be absolutely obsessed with learning both back in my Neopets and Xanga days… These plugins are fun! WordPress is fun! There is so much more to tweak and play with here. I feel a little silly for not picking this first, but I was lazy. Thanks, Google.

I wanna thank Brooke for helping me design things yet again. She’s so great to work with! I definitely recommend checking her out for any future design or editing jobs! See, I can say nice things about you when we’re not voice chatting. 😈

How are you all? Hopefully you’ve been well. Tell me what you’ve been up to! Things have been, well, things here. I’ll get into that stuff later, though. Right now, I just wanna feel relieved that this is over! I’m still busy as always. Finishing one project leads me to a new one and then another one and so on… It’s good that I like doing this.

I know I’ve been absolutely terrible with keeping up on my Twitter and Facebook presence. I’m trying to change that! At least when it comes to Twitter. I’m way better at that, I’d say. Which is better for you to keep up with my posts? Please let me know! I’m not very fond of Facebook, but if it’s the best way to get it to you… I can do it.

To keep this short and sweet, I’ll just photo dump some of the things I’ve been up to! ♥

We Are!!! X!!!

As we all know, X Japan has been part of my core self for over half of my life. The only other components you need to create a Kalu in their purest form are Final Fantasy VII and Yu Yu Hakusho. Big surprise, right? Maybe someday I’ll write about the other two, but today is entirely devoted to X.

I was thirteen when I first came across X Japan. 2003– the year of Neopets and making sure you were the coolest kid on the site. Usually, I had InuYasha themed profiles and store fronts given the fact that I was a high ranked council member for the largest InuYasha guild on the entire site. I was a Big Deal, folks! Sometimes, you just gotta get rowdy and shake things up. I took my HTML work very, very seriously. So there I was, browsing anime MIDI files to come up with new ideas, and I found a song titled “Forever Love”. I learned shortly after that it was a song by X Japan and used as the credits music for X: The Movie. I was completely unfamiliar with X/1999 as a whole at the time, but I was completely enamored. I’m serious! I was sold on watching a movie and exploring this “new” band with one song! Between making things work on a baby computer running Windows ’98 and YouTube not even existing yet, it wasn’t exactly easy for me to branch out from those tiny files. I didn’t care. I was young and in love~ I followed them as well as a kid with little understanding of their limited technology could. Little did I know, this band could leave such an impression on me that they would be a part of my life from then on out.

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Hahaha, hello.

So uh… heeey there~ I know I haven’t been taking good care of this blog or anything related to it in general, but it feels like I’m really dragging ass on it more than before. Sorry about that, haha. 😰 (Edit: this post actually took me a full week to complete… oops!)

To get back into the swing of writing here, let’s do a little update on how I’m doing!

I’m well over halfway done with my post about X Japan; I just feel incredibly insecure about it. There’s something about putting everything down on both history and my personal feelings about them that makes me feel uncomfortably vulnerable. Hopefully that will pass soon. I wanted to get that post live months ago. I’m not meeting my own deadlines and that’s really stressful. The more time that passes since my last completed project, the harder it is to feel like I can do another one. My motivation is fleeting and I’m slowly learning diligence to force myself through it because I know I’ll feel better once it’s done. Baby steps for the time being, though. I’ll get there.

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I’m In The Mood for Dancing

Hello again! Here we are again with a long overdue post… I think I have two more to do before I can focus on “newer” content! At least I’m posting more consistently, haha. Let’s talk about one of my favourite things– DDR! If you’re not familiar with the game or just know the basics, DDRCommunity has some pretty cool introductory information for everyone~

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Kalu’s Krafting: The Beginning of Bemani Plushes

First off, I’d like to apologize for the title and how it might make you want some macky cheese. You can always come over and I’ll make you some as an apology. This has been a post that I’ve been putting off for so long… I think I’m hitting about a year and a half after the initial idea hit me! Whoops~

Anyway! Welcome to my very first “I made a thing” post! I know it won’t be my last and I’m really excited to get this moving. I ended up making these plushes for David as holiday/birthday gifts because money is a jerk and since I like making handmade things for people it made the most sense. I learned a lot from these “prototypes” and I can’t wait to make more and expand into other rhythm game themed plushes! I don’t have many photos of these first two projects due to a crummy phone (I think I was using an LG Volt at the time. Honestly I’m not even that satisfied with the Nexus 6 camera now!) and not really planning this out properly, so I’m cramming the IIDX single dao plush and the DDR dance pad ravioli plush into the same post. Let’s go!

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