Happy new year! and my birthday! and hello!

Hey there~ I hope all of you have enjoyed these last few weeks! I know I’m absolutely exhausted from mine. I’ve gone from family Christmas dinner, “Christmas” at our house (we just ordered Chinese food and watched cartoons), my roommate’s birthday, a new years eve party, to my birthday in order to end up here. This is the time I can actually sit down and relax, so I hope to recover from all of these things soon. I feel absolutely stretched thin; I’m both mentally and physically drained. It’s great. 😜

2017 is actually over. That’s weird. It feels like it flew by, though some parts felt like they lasted a little too long. Looking back, I can’t even sit back and tell you everything I did over the year. It’s all such a blur; I even forgot that the kors k concert was over the summer! I knew it happened, but I couldn’t remember when until I sat down and went through all the photos on my phone…

Some highlights:

  • I started therapy and stuck with it. I feel like I’ve made some good starter progress, but I know I have a very long way to go. I’m also at a pretty good medication level, but I know that’s gonna change in the future. So many little things can be tweaked.
  • I started getting PFCs in DDR.
  • I took IIDX “seriously” for a month and didn’t keep up with it so now I’m crap at it again.
  • Had a nice aquarium date with David.
  • I made two (2) double dao plushes.
  • Uhhhhh.
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • Found out I basically have eczema in my ears??? I haven’t had proper hearing in a YEAR because of it. My doctor thinks it’s from a medication I’m on. We have no idea what one, though.
  • Visited friends and my mom back in Indiana. Almost all of that trip sucked outside of my friends and getting my vinyl collection back home.
  • Added a hamster to our family that sadly died after a few months. 😭 I miss you, Spriggan (rejected by DJ Yoshitaka -try to sing ver.-).
  • Uhhhhh.
  • Solidified some pretty cool friendships.
  • Celebrated our three year anniversary!
  • We saw Ninja Sex Party!
  • Plenty of other things that you can see over here!

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We’re back!

I’ve been knitting and reading since finishing the double dao plush! Nice and relaxing.

Hey everyone! Long time no see! Maybe? All I know is that we’re finally live again and I’m really excited about that. Thanks for being patient with me as I moved from Blogger to WordPress! This has been a mess and a half to finish; the formatting on the Blogger posts was so, so, so bad. I ended up having to remove it all and start from scratch as I was uploading my photos to the new host! Ugh. So much work.

The transfer was actually fun, though! It was a great learning experience and got me back into the swing of HTML and CSS work. I used to be absolutely obsessed with learning both back in my Neopets and Xanga days… These plugins are fun! WordPress is fun! There is so much more to tweak and play with here. I feel a little silly for not picking this first, but I was lazy. Thanks, Google.

I wanna thank Brooke for helping me design things yet again. She’s so great to work with! I definitely recommend checking her out for any future design or editing jobs! See, I can say nice things about you when we’re not voice chatting. 😈

How are you all? Hopefully you’ve been well. Tell me what you’ve been up to! Things have been, well, things here. I’ll get into that stuff later, though. Right now, I just wanna feel relieved that this is over! I’m still busy as always. Finishing one project leads me to a new one and then another one and so on… It’s good that I like doing this.

I know I’ve been absolutely terrible with keeping up on my Twitter and Facebook presence. I’m trying to change that! At least when it comes to Twitter. I’m way better at that, I’d say. Which is better for you to keep up with my posts? Please let me know! I’m not very fond of Facebook, but if it’s the best way to get it to you… I can do it.

To keep this short and sweet, I’ll just photo dump some of the things I’ve been up to! ♥

Hahaha, hello.

So uh… heeey there~ I know I haven’t been taking good care of this blog or anything related to it in general, but it feels like I’m really dragging ass on it more than before. Sorry about that, haha. 😰 (Edit: this post actually took me a full week to complete… oops!)

To get back into the swing of writing here, let’s do a little update on how I’m doing!

I’m well over halfway done with my post about X Japan; I just feel incredibly insecure about it. There’s something about putting everything down on both history and my personal feelings about them that makes me feel uncomfortably vulnerable. Hopefully that will pass soon. I wanted to get that post live months ago. I’m not meeting my own deadlines and that’s really stressful. The more time that passes since my last completed project, the harder it is to feel like I can do another one. My motivation is fleeting and I’m slowly learning diligence to force myself through it because I know I’ll feel better once it’s done. Baby steps for the time being, though. I’ll get there.

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August Update

Hello everyone! I know, I know, I’m kinda all over the place with this updating stuff still. I’m really sorry about that. My backlog of posts is huge! (You can actually see some of the ideas I have on my listography page. I love that site again.) I just need to take the time to edit things and work on some nice words to go with them. Things have felt so busy lately that I never feel like I’m in the right mindset for this stuff. I’ve been stressing out about so many things and my brain just feels like a heavy pile of mush. I really hope this lightens up soon. Being sad for so long is just exhausting.

This probably won’t be a very long post. Just a quick update on things I’ve been up to. Like these playlists! I made an Animal Crossing one a few days ago and it’s been super cozy and enjoyable. It actually got me playing New Leaf again to have a something to relax with.

One stitch in time saves nine! ☀️ from kaluminary on 8tracks Radio.

OK! from kaluminary on 8tracks Radio.

This playlist is a collection of Jarad’s work. Y’know. The guy you can listen to in that player at the bottom? My weird brother that does things? Yeah. I think I did pretty good with it so I hope you all enjoy it.

Beyond that, I’ve been playing a lot of DDR again. I have a post about the first day of DDR A in the works! It’s so much fun and it feels much more welcoming than other versions that came to the States. I’m way more motivated to get good scores and finally get a AAA on something. David’s actually been making vlogs of his (and sometimes my) adventures through this stuff. Feels great to be able to play.

I have such a backlog of games (that continues to grow because I have no self control) these days and I’m trying to truck through them slowly. You can see a sometimes up to date list here at my backloggery. For the most part I’m playing ACNL, DDR, Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, FFVII, FFXIV, FFBE, and Gardening Mama. When you type it all out it seems like I’m playing too much already…!

Michael’s likes to spoil me sometimes with clearance yarn so I definitely have more than enough to start learning how to make new things! I have some things to make for friends and then I’ll probably focus on some learning projects for me and David. Scarves, hats, pompoms, and so many other things! I’m really excited to be doing this stuff.

I’ve also been working on textured journals, a cute side project of lucky stars made from finished colouring book pages, and planning out some perler designs for the basement. So many things and it feels like so little time! I gotta remind myself to take this one project at a time or I’ll just get too overwhelmed and never get anything done.

I think that’s about it! I hope you all are doing well~ Can’t wait to add more content to this Brand™ in the very near future.

Oh, hey. Almost didn’t see ya there.

Hello! It’s me, Kalu. Back with another one of those, “I’m totally gonna get this going soon” posts. I mainly just wanted to touch base since not everyone follows my [various] [twitter] [accounts] to get the Hot News™.

So!! Here we are. It’s almost May of 2016 and I feel like I’m settling in pretty well here in the Boston area. I have health insurance, a new doctor, a dentist, physical therapy, and psychiatrist! I met with a therapist and I feel like that went very poorly (I swear, therapists shouldn’t cause a horrible episode of “am I just a fake oh no oh god oh why did I even try this” ever but somehow they keep getting jobs.) and she actually left the clinic not even a week after our session. I’m waiting for a replacement and am hoping that I’ll have a good session with whoever that may be. The main thing is that I’m on a good path for health in general and I hope that continues.

I’ve got posts in the works! Like, posts with images and neat experiences and new stuff! Not just mental health blabber! I’m doin’ it! I’m working on getting a big photo dump from my Love Live! official tournament day. I should maybe get acquainted with photo editing to add a watermark or something. David’s been helping me with it but we’re both pretty busy lately. That’s the mainly thing holding me back with stuff. Appointment after appointment… sheesh. But I’m definitely trying to take this more seriously! If anyone has any neat tutorials for simple editing, please send them my way! I’m also open to suggestions for software. I currently have GIMP but I feel so lost with it, haha.

I also wanna make posts for the DDR and IIDX plushes I’ve made for David. Someday I’ll open up a shop maybe for these things. Seems like it’d be really fun. I’m just hoping that I have all the photos I took still. Moving + new phone + general errors with dropbox sometimes means I could be without a few here or there. That’s my fault for not posting sooner, hyuck hyuck.

I’m reworking my theme here some and I’m hoping I can make it look nicer~ I’m working with a good friend to get some Brand Images™ made! I’m so thankful to have such talented friends in my life. I added Jarad’s music to a player at the bottom! Check that stuff out if you haven’t already. I know I talk a ton of smack about him (siblings are terrible I don’t recommend them) but it’s really good. He’s really great. I’m also working on a sort of “featured” page. You can check that out from the navbar. I wanna be able to promote the work of people I care about! If y’all have a blog that isn’t on blogspot/blogger (cos I can totally just feature you on the sidebar if you have one here) or a service or make music and want me to throw you on that page, hit me up!

Other big news… hm… Well, Midwest friends, we’ll be at ACen! It’ll be my first time in the area since I moved so I’m both nervous and really excited to see everyone again. I hope we can all meet up and have a good time~ Can’t wait to cry on a plane for the first time. That’s gonna be so aweso… suckish. I’m probably gonna have a bad time that first ride but I hope I adjust quickly.

That’s probably it for now. I thought even a quick wrap-up post would be better than more silence~ Hope you all are having a good start to spring! Tell me something neat in the comments or tweet me or email me I don’t care. I just wanna be able to talk to people more often. 💕