We Are!!! X!!!

As we all know, X Japan has been part of my core self for over half of my life. The only other components you need to create a Kalu in their purest form are Final Fantasy VII and Yu Yu Hakusho. Big surprise, right? Maybe someday I’ll write about the other two, but today is entirely devoted to X.

I was thirteen when I first came across X Japan. 2003– the year of Neopets and making sure you were the coolest kid on the site. Usually, I had InuYasha themed profiles and store fronts given the fact that I was a high ranked council member for the largest InuYasha guild on the entire site. I was a Big Deal, folks! Sometimes, you just gotta get rowdy and shake things up. I took my HTML work very, very seriously. So there I was, browsing anime MIDI files to come up with new ideas, and I found a song titled “Forever Love”. I learned shortly after that it was a song by X Japan and used as the credits music for X: The Movie. I was completely unfamiliar with X/1999 as a whole at the time, but I was completely enamored. I’m serious! I was sold on watching a movie and exploring this “new” band with one song! Between making things work on a baby computer running Windows ’98 and YouTube not even existing yet, it wasn’t exactly easy for me to branch out from those tiny files. I didn’t care. I was young and in love~ I followed them as well as a kid with little understanding of their limited technology could. Little did I know, this band could leave such an impression on me that they would be a part of my life from then on out.

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