Hahaha, hello.

So uh… heeey there~ I know I haven’t been taking good care of this blog or anything related to it in general, but it feels like I’m really dragging ass on it more than before. Sorry about that, haha. 😰 (Edit: this post actually took me a full week to complete… oops!)

To get back into the swing of writing here, let’s do a little update on how I’m doing!

I’m well over halfway done with my post about X Japan; I just feel incredibly insecure about it. There’s something about putting everything down on both history and my personal feelings about them that makes me feel uncomfortably vulnerable. Hopefully that will pass soon. I wanted to get that post live months ago. I’m not meeting my own deadlines and that’s really stressful. The more time that passes since my last completed project, the harder it is to feel like I can do another one. My motivation is fleeting and I’m slowly learning diligence to force myself through it because I know I’ll feel better once it’s done. Baby steps for the time being, though. I’ll get there.

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I’m In The Mood for Dancing

Hello again! Here we are again with a long overdue post… I think I have two more to do before I can focus on “newer” content! At least I’m posting more consistently, haha. Let’s talk about one of my favourite things– DDR! If you’re not familiar with the game or just know the basics, DDRCommunity has some pretty cool introductory information for everyone~

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Kalu’s Krafting: The Beginning of Bemani Plushes

First off, I’d like to apologize for the title and how it might make you want some macky cheese. You can always come over and I’ll make you some as an apology. This has been a post that I’ve been putting off for so long… I think I’m hitting about a year and a half after the initial idea hit me! Whoops~

Anyway! Welcome to my very first “I made a thing” post! I know it won’t be my last and I’m really excited to get this moving. I ended up making these plushes for David as holiday/birthday gifts because money is a jerk and since I like making handmade things for people it made the most sense. I learned a lot from these “prototypes” and I can’t wait to make more and expand into other rhythm game themed plushes! I don’t have many photos of these first two projects due to a crummy phone (I think I was using an LG Volt at the time. Honestly I’m not even that satisfied with the Nexus 6 camera now!) and not really planning this out properly, so I’m cramming the IIDX single dao plush and the DDR dance pad ravioli plush into the same post. Let’s go!

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Crossing Animals! Early August Adventures in Stardrop ✨

Hello and welcome to my first Animal Crossing post here at PB&tB! I dunno how much I can really say about it to be honest but I thought a cute photo dump would be enjoyable. Depending on how I feel after doing this one I might branch out and just talk about whatever other games I’m playing at the time~ I hope you all enjoy this as much as I’m sure I will. 💖 Please be sure to let me know how you feel about it!

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August Update

Hello everyone! I know, I know, I’m kinda all over the place with this updating stuff still. I’m really sorry about that. My backlog of posts is huge! (You can actually see some of the ideas I have on my listography page. I love that site again.) I just need to take the time to edit things and work on some nice words to go with them. Things have felt so busy lately that I never feel like I’m in the right mindset for this stuff. I’ve been stressing out about so many things and my brain just feels like a heavy pile of mush. I really hope this lightens up soon. Being sad for so long is just exhausting.

This probably won’t be a very long post. Just a quick update on things I’ve been up to. Like these playlists! I made an Animal Crossing one a few days ago and it’s been super cozy and enjoyable. It actually got me playing New Leaf again to have a something to relax with.

One stitch in time saves nine! ☀️ from kaluminary on 8tracks Radio.

OK! from kaluminary on 8tracks Radio.

This playlist is a collection of Jarad’s work. Y’know. The guy you can listen to in that player at the bottom? My weird brother that does things? Yeah. I think I did pretty good with it so I hope you all enjoy it.

Beyond that, I’ve been playing a lot of DDR again. I have a post about the first day of DDR A in the works! It’s so much fun and it feels much more welcoming than other versions that came to the States. I’m way more motivated to get good scores and finally get a AAA on something. David’s actually been making vlogs of his (and sometimes my) adventures through this stuff. Feels great to be able to play.

I have such a backlog of games (that continues to grow because I have no self control) these days and I’m trying to truck through them slowly. You can see a sometimes up to date list here at my backloggery. For the most part I’m playing ACNL, DDR, Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, FFVII, FFXIV, FFBE, and Gardening Mama. When you type it all out it seems like I’m playing too much already…!

Michael’s likes to spoil me sometimes with clearance yarn so I definitely have more than enough to start learning how to make new things! I have some things to make for friends and then I’ll probably focus on some learning projects for me and David. Scarves, hats, pompoms, and so many other things! I’m really excited to be doing this stuff.

I’ve also been working on textured journals, a cute side project of lucky stars made from finished colouring book pages, and planning out some perler designs for the basement. So many things and it feels like so little time! I gotta remind myself to take this one project at a time or I’ll just get too overwhelmed and never get anything done.

I think that’s about it! I hope you all are doing well~ Can’t wait to add more content to this Brand™ in the very near future.